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Special Thanks To:
  • Monica White; Colorado Tick-Borne Disease Awareness Association

  • Lucy Pulitzer; Mentor

  • Heather Szerlong; Ticknology

  • Dr. Richard Horowitz; Lyme and Tickborne Disease Specialist

  • Holiday Goodeau; LivLyme Foundation

  • Brandon, Sophia and Aidan; my wonderful children

  • Brin Brody; Web Designer and Support

  • Karin Thieme; Graphic Designer

  • Young Suk Kim Park; Mother and Grandmother

  • Bonnie and Jeff Crater, Meredith Faucette; Center for Lyme Action

  • Jill Auerbach; Lyme and Tickborne Disease Advocate

  • Sarah Bhandari, Vivian Choi, Dorothy Furiness & Kathy Quinones

  • The Steven and Alexandra Cohen Foundation

  • Landmark's Team, Management and Leadership Program

  • Lyme Disease Association

  • Bay Area Lyme Foundation

And all that have been afflicted with Tick-borne illnesses. 

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