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Why Save Your Tick?

Be a"Citizen Scientist" by identifying, recording and sending your tick in for pathogen testing. 

It is a good idea to identify and test your tick since Lyme Disease is the fastest growing infectious disease in America. In the past decade nearly 500,000 cases were recorded annually to the Center for Disease Control in the United States.  Identification and testing of ticks cannot determine if transmission of a disease has or has not occurred.  Knowing which species of tick you have been bitten by, what pathogens they may be carrying, and in which region of the country you were exposed may aid in diagnosis and treatment with your medical care provider. Please beware NO testing is 100% reliable!  Negative results do not necessarily mean no disease transmission.  Ticks may carry pathogens for which tests are not yet commercially available.    


Save the tick in a plastic zip lock bag or other small airtight container.  It is better if the tick is alive and placed with a damp small piece of paper towel so it will not dry out.  Please note the location you found the tick  and date of the tick bite. Contact the individual testing centers for preservation and shipping instructions.  Do not place on scotch tape!

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